Reverse Circulation (RC) Profile

Challenge Drilling expanded its operations in 2006 to include RC drilling. With the inclusion of a KWL350 drill rig Challenge Drilling has continued to evolve with the industry by providing a reliable and competitive option in the RC drilling market, coupled with maintaining their hard earned reputation as one of the premium RAB/AC drilling providers in the Goldfields of WA.

Challenge Drilling provide a compact RC unit with the aim that clients may achieve their desired hole depths with minimal ground disturbance and environmental impact, while still achieving excellent sample quality.

After the successful inclusion of the initial RC rig, Challenge Drilling have added three further KWL350 rigs to their fleet, with the latest arriving in June of 2014. These rigs have operated for a number of clients in areas from the Great Southern to the Goldfields, right up to the Pilbara region of WA, ranging from gold and nickel producers through to iron ore and uranium explorers.

During this time Challenge Drilling have continued to modify and test new drilling methods and equipment to keep being innovative and give their clients a reliable, quality, and cost effective service.


Challenge Drilling continue to keep their RC rigs up to, or ahead of industry standard to provide a safe and productive service to their clients. Some of the safety features included on our RC rigs are:

  • Automated spanner and breakout systems.
  • Automated rod handler with remote operation.
  • Automated blow up/blow down system.
  • Mast mounted rod guarding
  • Fall arrest equipment

All RC drill rigs operated by Challenge Drilling are KWL350's with the following specifications:

  • Onboard 1100/350 Compressor powered by C16 CAT Engine
  • V pack radiators and cooler pack
  • 2 metre dump mast
  • Rod Handler
  • Air Drill breakout system
  • Hydraulic deck spanners
  • Auto blow down system
  • Hydraulic jib boom with wire line
  • Additional truck mounted 1000 cfm auxiliary, 850 psi booster
  • Cone splitter system
  • Downhole survey equipment